Effects of Gypsum Apllıcatıon and Mıxture Rates on Forage Yıelds of Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa L.) and Smooth Brome (Bromus İnermis Leyss)

Taşkın EROL, Cafer Sırrı SEVİMAY
2.898 866


The experiment was established in split-plot desingn on three replications. Each species was seeded as monocropping and mixtures of 75% alfalfa + 25% smooth bromegrass, 50% alfalfa + 50% smooth bromegrass and 25% alfalfa + 75% smooth bromegrass into sub-plots. However four diferent gypsum aplications (0, 10 kg da-1, 20 kg da-1 and 30 kg da-1) were placed on main plots.

According to research results, mixture rates of species were found as statistically significant on green yield, hay yield, dry matter yield and crude protein yield. The highest yields were obtained the mixture of 25% alfalfa + 75% smooth bromegrass. In the mixtures while alfalfa ratio was higher on seeding, the ratio of smooth bromegrass was lower on harvest.

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