The Seasonal Infection Distribution of Piscicola geometra L., 1761 on Some Fishes (Cyprinidae) Living in Terkos Lake (Istanbul)

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This research was done between September, 2009 - August 2010, where some species of Cyprinidae  (A. brama, L., 1758, C. carpio L., 1758, S. erythrophthalmus, L., 1758 and T. tinca L., 1758) living in Terkos Lake were investigated. The inspiration is to examine seasonal distribution of  Piscicola geometra (L., 1761) fauna's on Cyprinidae family and analyze diseases  which they bring about. During the study 161 Abramis brama, 132 Cyprinus carpio, 166 Scardinius erythrophthalmus and 165 Tinca tinca, with total number of 624 samples investigated. This parasite was encountered in the operculum and skin cavity of fish. As a result, the annual infection rates of Piscicola geometra  on  Bream, Carp, Rudd and Tench were %7,7, %25,9, %5,4 and %4,2 respectively.  Moreover, the annual mean infection rate of Piscicola geometra  was calculated as %11. As for seasonal distribution; in autumn this rate is %2,6, winter %11,1, spring %18,2 and in  summer the rate has value of %11,3. Thus, we can conclude that, the infection rate is not  proportional with increase of the temperature.

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