The Seasonal Distribution of Bream Fish (Abramis brama L. 1758) Helminthes Parasites Living in Terkos Lake

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The aim of this study to determine the seasonal distribution of helminthes of bream fish (Abramis brama L. 1758) fauna in Terkos Lake from September 2009 to August 2010. During the study examined 161 fish rudd, Dactylogyrus sphyrna and Dactylogyrus distinguendus from Monogenia, Diplostomum spathaceum metacerceria from Digenia, Ligula intestinalis plerocercoid from Cestoda and Piscicola geometra from Hirudinea were parasited. 87% with 124 fish recorded the highest infection D. sphyrna summer, D. distinguendus autumn with 80 fish recorded the highes infection 58%, D. spathaceum metacerceria autumn with 138 fish recorded the highes infection 94%, 34% L. intestinalis plerocercoid in infection with 38 fish recorded the highest recorded in the spring and P. geometra 13 fish the spread of infection showed the highest with 14% in spring seasons.

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