Ecology and Flora of Wadi Al Jimi, Eastern Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates

Mohamed Taher MOUSA
1.985 871


The present study deals with the flora and vegetation of wadi Al Jimi, Eastern Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Six locations were selected to represent different variations in habitats. 41 species were recorded belonged to 21 families and 36 genera. Perennials have the highest contribution 71% of the total flora while annuals 29% percent. 32% of the total species were recorded as common and very common and 45% as rare and very rare. Shrubby species have the highest number of species followed by herbs, grasses and trees (37%, 32%, 19% and 11% respectively).

Application of TWINSPAN led to the recognition of three vegetation groups named after their dominant species. Two of these groups were dominated by Aerva Javanica while the prosopis Juliflora. Application of DECORAND led to reasonable segregation between these groups.

Results of soil analysis showed significant variation in moisture, organic matter along DECORANA axes and the distribution of plant communities were related significantly to variation in these factors.

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