A comparative study of some productive traits in commercial poultry farms in Duhok Region.

Ihsan T TAYEB, Siamand Nizar HASSAN, Merkhan M. MUSTAFA, Shawkat Abdulrazaq M. SADEQ, Gulizar Issa AMEEN, Asia Mohamed HASSAN, Nareen Abdulaziz SHEKHU
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Commercial Ross 308 hybrid broiler were used in this study to evaluate a number of production parameter's including live body weight, feed intake, feed conversion ratio, production index and mortality rate. Significant differences observed in term of Mortality rate also feed intake between region 1 and both region 2 and 3. The data was collected from three regions in Duhok/ Kurdistan Region, Iraq which then will be compared with each other to identify if there is any significant difference among them. Separate data were recorded from samples gathered from each region (between 6-8) randomized samples. Then a number of parameters were recorded as will; Carcass weight, Dressing percentage, Thigh weight, Breast weight, Back weight, Wing weight, Neck weight, Adipose tissue weight, Liver weight, Heart weight and Gizzard weight. Dressing Percentage recorded to have more significant results between the three regions. Standard broiler age was expected to be at the end of the production age between 42-45 days at maximum with an outside temperature between 42-45 áµ’C. However, 52 days old chicks data collected from a region which affect slightly on the data analysis. The Analyzing system used for this experiment was the SPSS system. .

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